Feeding Frenzy

Feeding Frenzy Deluxe

Eat or be eaten in this Finding Nemo styled game


  • Fun, cartoon animations
  • Nice sound effects
  • Great game for kids


  • Not challenging enough

Not bad

Feeding Frenzy is an eat or get eaten action game for Windows PCs.

If the "Finding Nemo" film is on your favorites shelf, you already have a hint that you'll probably enjoy the graphics and objectives to this light-hearted video game.

Just like in Feeding Frenzy 2, the goal is to overcome the Shark King. To do this, you have to face off against a variety of different sea creatures. Your only weapon is your stomach and the sky's the limit as to what you can eat. Just be careful not to chomp on something harmful or end up getting eaten yourself. In Feeding Frenzy, it's definitely survival of the fittest.

Feeding Frenzy's Deluxe version features cartoon-like graphics that children will enjoy but some experienced gamers might find a bit juvenile for their tastes. The game isn't particularly challenging but it is amusing to see your character get increasingly large as you move through the later levels. Since there's very little violence present in Feeding Frenzy, it's a great option for younger children or people who prefer not to deal with gory scenes during their forays into PC games.

Feeding Frenzy is a simple game that'll keep kids entertained but can't hold a candle to games with better graphics and more challenging gameplay.

Feeding Frenzy


Feeding Frenzy Deluxe

User reviews about Feeding Frenzy

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    One of the best game I every played. Thank you very much for this wonderful game..   More

  • by Anonymous

    its in french and i dont speak french its useless .
    its in french not English its a complete waste of time to do...   More

  • MariaAngelabellissimaprincess MariamMalika

    by MariaAngelabellissimaprincess MariamMalika

    Awesome,fun game!!!.
    Love it!!! Its great watching the fish tying to get you while your swimming away,hiding and...   More

  • by Anonymous

    Everything indicated that this would be in ENGLISH....not FRENCH!!! .
    NOT unless you speak French! This program ...   More